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A Brief History ...

In the mid 1970's Mr. Ray England of National United Enterprises contacted Monsanto seeking a volume discount on their AstroTurf® doormats.

It seems Fred had been using these doormats as an alternative to wood shavings as a nest pad, and soon a new market was born.

Fred became the first distributor of AstroTurf® Poultry Nesting Pads to a growing industry. Subsequently, new innovative product modifications were made and the original gray pad color was independently tested.

Tests proved that our patented gray color was preferred by hens over other colors... a real Chick Magnet!

AstroTurf® Poultry Nesting Pads are composed of polyethelyne resins in a grass-like configuration. As chickens have gotten bigger and stronger, so have our nest pads.

Now, after more than two years of development, our engineering team is making the best even better with a breakthrough in poultry pad design - the new AstroTurf® NXT, Version 5.2, with "Ten Points of New Technology".

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Introducing AstroTurf NXT
The next generation in egg production!


AstroTurf® NXT Poultry Pads V5.2 is the answer to current and future changes in the Poultry Industry. This new technology will help you get ahead of the curve.

AstroTurf® Poultry Pads have been the industry leader for over 35 years but we're not resting on our reputation. Our engineers have worked to develop technilogical modifications and improvements to anticipate what you need now and in the future.

The Ten Points of Technology we have incorporated in our new poultry pad have been designed with one thing in mind: to help you increase your bottom line by delivering cleaner, less contaminated eggs.

Of course one thing will never change, our patented gray colored pad has been tested and proven to be the color hens prefer. It's a real "Chick Magnet!"

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