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We've been making Clean Machine
Scraper Doormats with Genuine
AstroTurf® for over 50 years!

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Not only does AstroTurf® mimic the overall appearance and texture of natural grass, it also provides an unparalleled cleaning surface which cleans better than any other doormat.

Clean Machine Scraper Doormats with TRIPLE CLEANING ACTION grab, hold and hide up to one pound of dirt per week at every entrance to the home. Keeping dirt out keeps the home interior cleaner adding years of service to furniture, appliances, floor finishing and coverings.
The Clean Machine Scraper Doormats are available in two formats: Classic and Premium. Our Classic, "Daisy," designed over thirty years ago, helped ignite growth in the doormat business and is now an American icon. The Clean Machine Premium line of scraper mats are protected by a molded framework of 100% recycled rubber and offer unparalleled durability with up-to-the-minute styling.

From Palette to Porch. The Art & Science of Color.
Crafting technology & engineering to create new blended colors.

We take our corporate positioning statement, "learning from nature, improving lives," to heart. Inspiration comes from many places and at our company inspiration comes from nature.

How do you improve upon an American Icon like the DaisyDoormat? You make it look more natural without losing its famous cleaning action to scrape, hold and hide the dirt!

Colors in nature are not solids ... they have facets and tonality that create visual dimension, making a simple field of grass rich with texture.

Starting with a color expert, we set out to discover a totally new pallet for AstroTurf® Doormats ... mimicking the tonal dimensions found in nature.

To manufacture these colors, we developed an innovative manufacturing process. The result is a customized look for our classic color pallet and new neutral colors that provide retailers and consumers with wonderful options.

We're striving to bring superb cleaning technology, color, and texture to every door of the modern home. Our new colors are fashionable and functional, featuring subtle ombre and heather effects, that are on-trend.

Quality, Value and Tonality take on a new role in colors that look fresh, fashionable and have "outdoor style." These bold hues help homeowners put a stamp of personality at every entrance.

The patented manufacturing process that we use to make the exquisite, hard-working Clean Machine Doormats provides solid color throughout each and every scraper blade. The tones and shading are not "sprayed-on" but built-in, so the the color will not fade after years of usage. The picture at the left gives you a great view of the color detail our process adds to every doormat we sell.