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The Creation of an American Brand

The AstroTurf ® patented manufacturing process was invented in 1964. This process creates a grid pattern of thousands of small plastic blades. Not only does AstroTurf ® mimic the overall appearance and texture of natural grass, it also provides an unparalleled cleaning surface that scrapes shoes and boots clean ... cleaner, in fact, than any other doormat.

The tiny plastic blades grab, hold and hide dirt beneath the surface, prevent tracking and keep the home clean. The collected dirt can be shaken out and the doormat rinsed with a garden hose. It's simple ... the outside stays outside and the inside stays clean!

The "Daisy," designed over thirty years ago, was the first AstroTurf ® doormat. It helped ignite market growth in the doormat business and is now an American icon. As the market grew, so did the need for alternate doormats. Today's homes have four points of entry: the front door, plus alternative doors from the attached garage, the kitchen, basement and patio areas.

Each entry has a specific purpose: formal, casual, family & friends and service use. Over 2/3 of consumers say they use alternative entries more than their primary entrance.

Our innovative High-Traffic (HT) line of scraper mats offers longer, denser blades attached to a heavy-duty backing. It has proven perfect for areas with high foot traffic.

In 2000, the Clean Machine line of doormats was born, offering consumers a wider choice of hard-working scraper mats in a variety of colors and styles.

Answering consumer needs, we created a new line of scraper mats enclosed by a solid recycled rubber framework. This durable framework provides a strong foundation that supports and protects the AstroTurf ® cleaning surface. It can be molded into a variety of designs, adding an extra dimension of style to our scraper mats.

This new recycled rubber scraper mat opened up even more creative applications for what was once the lowly doormat.

AstroTurf ® Doormats are available at many fine retailers throughout North America.