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Nearly fifty years after the creation of the patented AstroTurf ® process; our unique, grass-like blades remain a symbol of innovation, providing an unparalleled cleaning surface that stops dirt at the door.

An excellent example of design innovation in manufacturing, the realistic plastic blades, molded into a grid-like pattern have remained unchanged since the late 1960's.

To date, we have sold almost 10 million mats. That's enough mats to keep nearly720 million tons of dirt 'outside' homes. AstroTurf ® holds a special place in the American landscape.

The Art & Science of Making
A Great Doormat ... Next Generation

Carey Widder, President, GrassWorx LLC., discusses the balance between form and function in a simple, everyday household product with "Kitchen News Show Daily."

Kitchen News Show Daily: Carey, we like your topic. What exactly do you mean about the "science" of making a doormat? I think the Housewares industry knows a little about the "art".

Wrought Iron Design

Carey Widder: Thanks for asking. As you may know, GrassWorx is less than five years old. Our tag line, "inspired by nature, improving lives," is an attitude we inherited from our
founding company, Monsanto.

Almost 50 years ago they set out to create a unique doormat that would scrape, hold and hide dirt "before" it gets into the home.

Their chemists and engineers created a new class of doormat ... one inspired by the cleaning and filtration nature of common grass. They invented AstroTurf®, an artificial cleaning surface made with flexible, yet durable grass buds. The Science was fulfilled.

KNSD: I understand now. So the "Art" was fulfilled when you added the classic Daisy to your famous green grass.


CW: Exactly, that was our earliest attempt at a nice fusion between form and function. Though the years, we have been improving our basic grass composition to make it more flexible and durable ... but never stopped improving our design side.

KNSD: So that's what you mean about your next generation. Do you have a new mat to
showcase at the Houseware's Show?

CW: Yes, we are introducing our latest merger using an ancient design style as our inspiration ... wrought iron. Throughout time, wrought iron has been used "functionally" to build ancient structures, warships and railways.

Today, the look of wrought iron is found in homes from light fixtures, to wine racks, to candle holders as this basic form can be both delicate and durable.

To look at the historic use of wrought iron is to look at the history of product innovations. We have added the elegant expression of timeless wrought-iron design in several new styles to our 2013 WHOLEHOUSE CLEAN MACHINE® COLLECTION.

KNSD: Where can we see these new designs and when will they be available?

CW: You can see them on our website where you can download our entire catalog ... but we would rather you drop by our Booth No. 6515. Come see the how we balanced our wrought iron border made with recycled rubber, filled with our original Astroturf® scraper action grass. They will be available this Spring.


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