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Nearly fifty years after the creation of the patented AstroTurf ® process; our unique, grass-like blades remain a symbol of innovation, providing an unparalleled cleaning surface that stops dirt at the door.

An excellent example of design innovation in manufacturing, the realistic plastic blades, molded into a grid-like pattern have remained unchanged since the mid 1960's.

To date, we have sold almost 10 million mats. That's enough mats to keep nearly 720 million tons of dirt 'outside' homes. AstroTurf ® holds a special place in the American landscape.

Attention to detail pays off for
USA doormat manufacturer.

Carey Widder, President/Engineer, GrassWorx LLC., discusses with "Kitchen News," his journey to improve the balance between aesthetic details and integration into the "greatest mats ever".

KNSD: Carey, another enticing headline. I didn't realize that you were an engineer? Now we understand your bent towards "attention to detail".


CW: Yes, in fact, my Engineering degree was from just down the road at U of I. Engineering, by nature, is learning about design and its impact of functionality.

KNSD: We all know one of the most famous executions of that concept is your AstroTurf® scraper grass.

CW: I recently got a chuckle from a consumer rating our product. "Step-on-me" wrote, "Greatest mats ever made! They should have been discovered 50 years ago." Little did she know, next year we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of AstroTurf®.

KNSD: So what about these details? Have you got some more "new" products?

CW: The etched rubber corner piece pictured here is a prime example of that marriage between form and function. We continuously improve our sculptured molding techniques to better frame these hard-working AstroTurf® scraper blades.

We now have so many new looks that are a departure from our original, one-color green grass design, we entitled our Clean Machine® Whole House Collection Catalog, "Escape From the Ordinary".

KNSD: So does this mean you are adding new doormats that are made from something other than AstroTurf®?

CW: Remember, I'm an engineer. We focus! Clean Machine® mats clean better than any other mat ... period. We've made dozens of improvements in the basic blade composition, design and color through the years. However, we also realize that every innovation opens even more possibilities.

To make these possibilities successful, our passion for getting the details right in product design, coupled with our USA manufacturing experience, will continue to grow right along with helping our retailers' doormat revenues grow. You'll find innovation throughout our booth at this week's show.

KNSD: I assume that equates to a great opportunity for the Clean Machine® Collection.

CW: Honestly, it equates to a great spring season for all doormat retailers. Again, from our research, 63% of purchasers bought a mat because their old one was worn out. Retail buyers should be prepared for that post-winter surge along with the other fact that Easter Weekend and Mother's Day Weekend are within the same 3 week cycle; creating unprecedented gift opportunities.

KNSD: It's beginning to sound like I'm talking to an Engineer with a "Sales" minor.

CW: Hey, download our catalog so we can start selling you something!

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