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Made in the USA


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AstroTurf ® Celebrates 50 Years
with the original Daisy Doormat!

At the recent International Housewares Show, Daisy
granted an interview with "Kitchenware News Show Daily."
What better way to get to know Daisy - and hear about
what she's got in store - than to meet the lady herself?

KNSD: Has it been Fifty years, Daisy? Congratulations! But you don't look a day over 29!

Daisy: Why, thank you! Just like my mother and grandmother, I go for the timeless look - because good taste spans generations. The same sense applies to my famous mat. It's stayed so popular even as trends come and go - proof that keeping homes clean is always in fashion.

KNSD: How are you celebrating this fantastic 2015 milestone?

Daisy: We're rolling back to 1960's "retail" pricing during special promotional periods with selected retailers. It's our way of reminding consumers of the great value and giving them one more reason to bring a Daisy mat home.

KNSD: The Daisy mat is known for outstanding performance. Tell me more.

Daisy: Oh, yes. The Daisy Doormat is much more than a decorative doormat - it's an actual cleaning machine. My unique bladed design gives me "triple action" cleaning power that scrapes, holds and hides dirt and debris - an average of 1 pound per mat per week. But it's about more than just hiding - my mat actually stops dirt, sand and ice melt at the door, which protects valuable inside floors and carpet and helps them last longer. My mat essentially goes to work for you, so you have more time to do the things you want with the people you love.

KNSD: Tell me, Daisy, what sets your Doormat apart from the rest?

Daisy: There's no question that the Daisy Doormat delivers the best bang for the buck in terms of long-lasting quality and cleaning power. It's durable and sturdy with a slip-resistant backing plus our famous AstroTurf ® scraper blade action that mimics grass. These durable blades stand up to dirt, mud, sand and snow. The Daisy/Clean Machine Doormat has an average lifespan of three years. Other mats just can't hold up. Not only that, I'm proud that I'm an American original, yes "Made in the USA," from my first mat to today.

KNSD: Even the old classics need a new twist now and then. Tell me, what are you doing to stay fresh as a ... well, you know?

Daisy: For me, it's all about innovation. That's why, for 2015, I'm helping introduce our new color palette that blends function and fashion - eight fabulous new colors to complement the multiple doors of today's average home.

Our new palette is based upon GrassWorx's new technology: perfecting new highlights that more closely resemble the shading subtleties of real grass. And, in addition to the classic Daisy mat colors called "Evergreen" and "Wheatfield", we'll offer a number of other Clean Machine colors and styles, with options like decorative borders, topical rubber inserts, and new sculptured designs.

Call us at 1-800-813-5221 or email:
and ask how you can help us celebrate this milestone...
50 years as a USA manufacturer.

Fifty years after the creation of the patented AstroTurf ® process; our unique, grass-like blades remain a symbol of innovation, providing an unparalleled cleaning surface that stops dirt at the door.

To date, we have sold over 10 million mats, that's enough mats to keep 720 million tons of dirt outside homes. AstroTurf ® has earned a special place in the American landscape.


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